EQUINOX March, 2013


March 20, 2013

Today we celebrate equality.

The equality of day and night

The equality of the masculine and the feminine.

The equality of men and women.

A Gift From Los Angeles

About Sharing The Equality For All

Of The Natural Goal Of Human Life:

Happiness – Fulfillment As A Whole Person

In Relationships With Self, Other People,

All Of Existence And The Divine Harmony.

On the train ride home, from Los Angeles, I had an amazing experience.  On the train I sat at a desk.  Across from me was a young man, late 20′s early 30′s studying a text book on “Modernism”.  I asked him if he was studying modernism or post modernism.  Both he replied.  What do you understand the difference to be?  He said something that did not sound on the mark, so I told him I could summarize the difference in one word – “Certainty”.  Modernism was characterized by a war between science and religion.  The war was fought over which side could convince people that their methods were right for certain.  However, in the 1930′s both sides discovered it was a useless war, because humans cannot understand anything for certain.  Einstein’s relativity and Heizenburg’s Uncertainty Principle in Physics, Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem in Mathematics and Skepticism in Philosophy demonstrated that certainty was impossible for humans.  That realization ended Modernism and ushered in Post Modernism, where we are learning to live without absolute certainty.  For one thing if a group of humans knows the truth for certain, they can convince themselves they have a natural right to force other people to accept the same truth, even to kill people to establish communities based on that truth.

However, if the community realizes that the truth can not be known for certain, and their understanding of the truth is partial and contingent on their experience, they cannot in good conscience justify killing other people because of their partial, uncertain truth, or even force others to live by it.

One of the consequences of Post Modernism is the change from war to peace among the world’s religions and ways of life.

The beginning in Modernism is the belief in certainty due to science or religion.  We are so certain that our religion is the only true religion that we can justify killing people to force other people into our religion, and killing people who leave our religion to force people to stay.

Then the belief in certainty begins to lose its grip. The next realization is of the uncertainty of certainty  Their is a realization that humans see truth in limited, partial ways. Complete truth is not possible for limited human understanding.

Next there is recognition of the reality of other, different religions and ways of life, due to world television, the Internet, and people of different religions living next door.

The next realization is that different people see truth in different partial ways, contingent on their experience.  That is why we have different religions and cultures.

The next realization is that these other ways are successful for their faithful.  They are ancient, and have been leading their faithful to successful life for thousands of years, even though they are based on “different partial truths”.

Next comes the realization that conversion to your religion is not your job.  It is not your duty to convert other people to your own way, to your own view of the truth, but instead it is your duty to let each person decide for himself or herself if and when to convert to your way. Conversion is not your job.  Conversion is God’s job.  Do not presume to do God’s job.  Only a true conversion of the spirit, not a conversion by the gun, matters in the life of the other person.

You may rejoice in the conversion of the other person to your religion or way of life, but the true conversion is only between the individual and the Divine Harmony, however the individual understands the Divine Harmony.  All you can do is to do live your live so as to give a good example of how your understanding of the Divine Harmony guides you to full life.  All you can do is let your light shine.  Then true, worthwhile conversion, if and when it comes, is between the other person and the Divine Harmony.  You already have your precious, guiding relationship with the Divine Harmony that you take for granted is true.  Let the other person find a genuine relationship with the Divine Harmony that the other person takes for granted is true to guide his or her life, in whatever form the Divine Harmony will reveal it.

The final realization is that all of us humans are on the same path to our unique, personal fulfillment as a whole person, with our unique talents and abilities in our circumstances, intimately guided by the Divine Harmony in a form we take for granted is true. It is right, natural and loving to nurture others to live passionately by the way that they take for granted is true.  This realization includes realizing that all the great religions and ways of life are teaching, in their ancient scripture and writings, the same basic way to live successful human life. It is the way we all evolved to live as whole, fulfilled individuals.  This form of relationship with the Divine Harmony that one takes for granted is true is a different form for different people.  What counts is that the form is genuine for the individual, and guides the individual through the tough times and the easy times, to fulfillment as a whole person in relationships with self, other people, all of existence and the Divine Harmony – the goal of each human life: natural human happiness.

In summary the path to peace, once it is learned, is to live passionately your religion or way of life, which you take for granted is true.  Learn its written wisdom, traditions, scriptures and its ways of life.  Be inspired by its spirit.  Be humbly and gratefully loyal to it.  Let it guide you and fill your life.  In so doing you will let you light shine, so others may see how your faith guides you to full life.  You will be a beacon to others who take for granted the truth as you do.  Be gracious and gentle, but do not be bashful.  Tell others, who will graciously listen, about your faith -then stop, and let the Divine Harmony change the other person’s heart.  In the meantime rejoice with the other person that he or she too has a faith, although different from yours, which lights up the other person’s life and leads to the goal of human life for that person: happiness, fulfillment as a whole person.


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