Solstice – December 21, 2012 – Tipping Point


December 21, 2012


The End of 

Western Civilization And Eastern Civilization


The Beginning of

Global Civilization


The Beginning of The New Global Knowledge Civilization

Now Growing All Around The Earth


The First Flower of the Universe


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If you want to learn why and how the transition is happening now at the tipping point when the decline of the old is overtaken by the advance of the new, read below.

For the last 5,000 years human civilizations have been based on human discovery of the knowledge of agriculture, which required mass human labor.  Mass human labor is most effectively managed by the vertical social organization of Dominator Culture, where men dominate and control women and children and the elite dominate and control the men, so the elite control the whole society from the top down.  This kind of economy requires a small amount o knowledge to run it and a few deciders to operate it, and runs best on obedient mass human labor organized by a controlling elite, who make the main decisions for the human group.

There have been many such humans civilizations in the last 5,000 years. There were many before that which were mostly based on hunting and gathering, until humans could develop agriculture enough to produce a great excess of food, division of labor, craft goods and trade to launch the era of city states and this 5,000 year reign of human progress in civilization by mass human labor controlled by an elite in an age of kings.

Now the Age of Kings is over.  Now everything is changing again, based on human discovery of a new kind of knowledge – the knowledge of machines.  Humans have discovered enough about how to make machines to extend human senses, reach, grasp, thinking and memory, that humans have now connected themselves together on their planet of origin, Earth, into one global marketplace and one global community.  The new global economy, must be supported by a new kind of human civilization, which is based not on mass human labor controlled by a few elite, but by mass human creativity in an age of individualism, with billions of different individual creators producing a continuous flow of goods and services that are newer, better, faster and cheaper, for billions of diverse consumers connected together by machines into one global marketplace.

An economy molds a culture to support it.  A culture’s function is to organize and motivate the people to do the jobs of the economy.  This new global economy requires a new global culture to sustain it, and is powerfully molding such a new global culture.  Since it is based on mass creativity instead of mass human labor, it requires the equal participation of men and women as strong, confident independent creative entrepreneurs in the economy, who will produce and market their creativity in the global market place to meet the diverse demand of billions of eager consumers of different races, religions and ways of life.  This requires a global culture that produces the equality of men and women, who can be such entrepreneurs.  The requires the horizontal social organization of Partnership Culture, where men and women are equal, the individual is supreme rather than the elite, and the masculine and the feminine are in balance and harmony in the culture, which is characterized by peace, nurture and cooperation, not violence and war.

War is necessary and economically valuable in Dominator Cultures.  It justifies the personal sacrifices of freedom of individuals for the group, and the control of the group by the elite, for “security” reasons.  Sameness in the group, and “Us vs. Them” attitudes between groups foster competition among groups and war in Dominator Culture.  Punishing and taking from the hated “other” is the word of the day with the elite leading the way and the obedient masses following for their safety and food from the elite.

Partnership Culture is characterized by peace, the high economic value of difference among people to produce vast variety in the economy to make it strong and robust and the attitude of “Just Us” in our one global community, with no potential attackers from outside the Earth.   Therefore, war is banned and violence is shunned in the Partnership Culture of the global knowledge civilization, because its critical machines cannot be broken by war and violence.   Strong, confident individuals seek their happiness and the happiness of others through their robust global knowledge market economy, the most powerful economy the world has ever known.  Creating and enjoying life in peace, not taking in war, is the word of the day.

Dominator Culture places men over women and the elite over the men.  Dominator Culture promotes cultural values which support this arrangement.  Women are taught that they are not intelligent or competent, and had better leave the survival decisions to men.  Men are taught to take care of and use women and children, and to be obedient to their masters, the elite.  This way the elite control the people, and the people, believing these values, police themselves to keep the Dominator Culture in place so everyone eats.  It all begins with men dominating women.

Partnership Culture is the opposite.  The foundation of Partnership Culture is to honor the equality of men and women and the principles of the masculine and the feminine equally.  The emphasis is on each man and woman as an individual, living free to make his or her own decisions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and mutual nurture.   Each man and each woman pursues and is responsible for his or her own happiness.  They can help each other and share life together, but each is ultimately responsible for what he or she does, and is ultimately responsible for his or her own happiness.

Partnership Culture is made necessary by the kind of economy the global knowledge market economy is.  However, there are great benefits for each individual who is willing to accept the responsibility of living this way.  History shows that the people will believe and live by what works.  The new economy works, now that we have the machines and know how to use them. The economy will insist on and people will adopt Partnership Culture.  Those who will be responsible enough to live by it, will be happy and fulfilled as whole persons.  Part of what is needed now are symbols to express this new way for the understanding of the people.

For example, most of the people in the world believe in a masculine god as a symbol for human life in an age of Dominator Culture.  What is needed in the new global human culture is a balance and a harmony between the masculine and the feminine.  Most people will continue to believe in a masculine god, so the new global knowledge civilization is given a feminine character to fit with the balance of the masculine and the feminine character of Partnership Culture.  This is done by giving the new global knowledge civilization a feminine name.

In terms of the history of the universe, the global knowledge civilization is a new kind of creativity engine, which has launched a new stage in evolution.  Each new stage produces new knowledge and existence in the universe at higher levels of organization than the last stage.  When a new creativity engine evolves, a new stage of evolution begins, and the rise of existence in the universe to ever-higher levels of organization continues.

The knowledge civilization of billions of human creators and consumers and their machines is a self sustaining organism that can produce new knowledge and existence far faster and at far higher levels of organization than is possible with biological evolution.  Biological evolution uses the relatively slow and inefficient creativity engine of the living species, employing slow, accidental genetic mutation and trial and error generation after generation.

The new global knowledge civilization on Earth is the first knowledge civilization to evolve, so far as we know.  It produces a continuous blossoming of new knowledge and existence in the universe at ever higher levels of organization, continuing the rise of existence in the universe which began with the Big Bang.  Therefore a knowledge civilization is a Flower of the Universe.

A knowledge civilization can reproduce itself by creating a platform in space, and transferring to it a few billion humans, their machines and a copy of its knowledge base.  This reproduction is similar to cell division.  One becomes two, two become four and on and on, until the universe becomes a garden full of Flowers producing new existence at unimaginable high levels of organization, with amazing new attributes, until the universe has enough high-level existence in it for the plan for the universe to be fulfilled.

The global knowledge civilization on Earth is the First Flower of the Universe to evolve, and the Mother of all the other Flowers of the Universe, named after the mother of all the living in the Bible in Genesis 3:20.  The name of the global knowledge civilization on Earth is E V E.


The Global Knowledge Civilization

All Around The Earth


The First Flower of the Universe

The Mother of all the other Flowers of the Universe 


When did all this happen?  The growth of the knowledge of machines has been occurring for many centuries, in which civilizations based on mass human labor prevailed.  In the past century it has been explosive, especially with the discovery of the digital computer, mass communication and mass transportation of goods and people.  This has allowed the growth of economies based on creativity, and changed the world’s local and regional economies from labor based to knowledge based.


E V E, the global knowledge civilization on Earth was born on November 9, 1989 when:


The free market wind

Blew down the Berlin Wall,

And began building a greenbelt

of market economies all around the world,

forming the global knowledge market economy

the foundation of


The global knowledge civilization.


The cause of this change is new human knowledge.  The driver of this change is the powerful new global knowledge market economy.   An economy will mold a culture to support it.  Then the shortsighted rules of the culture are modified into long lasting rules of a civilization, in which the people survive, flourish and reproduce in the environment generation after generation, indefinitely, until the environment drastically changes.  The new economy is changing the human culture in the world in dramatic ways.  The most dramatic is changing human cultural values from those that support vertical social organization (Dominator Culture) to horizontal social organization (Partnership Culture), from competent men dominating incompetent women, to men and women being equal and of equal competence, each being responsible for and pursuing his or her own happiness.

How is the new economy powerful enough to force such changes.  The answer is that it is a new pathway to dramatically more prosperity for more humans, so more humans will follow it, insist on it, and live by the values that support it and make it work – the new global culture.  Its force is irresistible, because more and more people follow it.  Those who would control the people otherwise are swept aside by its rising tide.  It is truly a movement of the people, by the people, for the benefit of the people, as all civilizations are.

The strength of the new economy is its main product and source of new value – knowledge.  It is not food, nor manufactured goods, but new knowledge of how to cause change in the world.  Knowledge is valuable, because it means we can do more for people for less.  That means some people somewhere in the world will buy products and services based on new knowledge, and pay a purchase price for it, which establishes the monetary value of the new knowledge.  New knowledge means new value in the economy and in the world.  Knowledge is reusable, storable and retrievable from machine memory, and can be used as a foundation for discovering still more new knowledge.  As long as humans are being creative, there is effectively an unlimited amount of new knowledge to discover.  The strand of gold in the mine never runs out.

However, it is not gold, which is a common medium of exchange for value (money), but new value itself for humans.  When you create more of it, you do not create inflation, more money for the same value.  You create more value to do more things for people for less cost.  People want the knowledge economy to continue to operate to keep making more value and a better life for people.  What do people do with more value and plenty to eat in a global knowledge civilization?  They do what the Constitution of the United States of America promised, they pursue happiness in freedom.  Happiness is not lifetime pleasure, but harmonious natural fulfillment as a whole person in relationships that use all your talents and abilities in a balanced way in your circumstances in fulfilling relationships with self, other people, all of existence and the Divine Harmony.

The Divine Harmony is a common name for the source of all, which different people see differently.  Some see it as nature only and that nothing is god.  Some see many gods as the source of all.  Some see one god.  Others see that everything is god.  All can talk together about what the source of all means in their lives without arguing about which view is correct, by calling it the Divine Harmony when talking to each other.  This is the first step toward a global culture of harmonious pluralism.

With all the new value produced by the continuously operating global knowledge market economy, there is plenty to eat, and plenty of new ways to pursue your personal happiness successfully in your circumstances.  The global knowledge market economy makes this new kind of human life possible for most people.

The new global knowledge market economy makes possible a new human goal in life:

Nurture the global knowledge market economy 

to produce enough new value 

to lift all people around the world above the poverty line, into the happiness zone, 

where people all around the world report about the same level of happiness, 

no matter how much money they have.   

Humans are learning that happiness does not depend on things, on getting more and more and keeping up with the Jones.  We tried that in the West in the last 20 years, and it failed to produce happiness.  Instead people with too many things were empty, and deeply in debt.  This led to spiritual longing for something more and successful in life.  Happiness is based on fulfillment as a whole person, which is available to any one willing to live that way, who has enough to eat and a place to live securely in peace.

What does the global knowledge market economy of over seven billion human creators and consumers and their machines need from the global knowledge civilization to support it and make it work indefinitely, so all may live above the poverty line in the pursuit of happiness?

Rule of Law

Private Property

Transparent, Free Price Competition

Little Government Interference of Taxation, Tariffs and Regulation

Global Peace

Mass Creativity

Vast Variety

Individual Responsibility and Entrepreneurship

What does the individual citizen need from the global knowledge civilization?



Freedom for the Pursuit of Happiness

The Personal Guidance for Successful Life as a Whole Person in One’s Circumstances By Intimate Inner Friendship with the Divine Harmony 

Why cannot Western and Eastern civilization provide these?  They are based on top-down social organization for mass human labor.  They produce the creativity of the few based on the labor of the many.  What is needed to make this new kind of economy work is the creativity of the many based on the labor of the machines.

For example, now one individual can produce and market his or her creativity on the Internet, gain his or her sustenance in the world, and pursue happiness as he or she defines that according to his or her religion or way of life, without very many people knowing about it.  This way individuals may pursue their own fulfillment as they each choose.  It is as though people are no longer riding obediently on a train in a direction chosen by the elite.  Now they are each riding a bicycle, and the bicycles are going in many different directions toward each rider’s unique, personal fulfillment.  What counts now is that the rider is happy – fulfilled as a whole person.  This fulfillment will usually result from wonderful, loving, giving relationships with other people, but not always.  The individual is free to choose (hopefully wisely) how to have relationships with other people.  However, the individual is not defined only by his or her relationships with other people as the collectivists would teach.  Happiness is a harmonious balance between self and other.  In religion fulfillment as a whole person is a harmonious balance between a personal relationship with the Divine Harmony and a collective relationship with a supportive faith community.

Dominator cultures stress obedience in the people and crush initiative and creativity in the people.  This is the opposite of what is needed to sustain the global knowledge market economy.  Therefore, the new economy is changing the culture to one that supports it, where men and women are equal, and both are vigorously developing their own creativity, making their own decisions, not relying on others to decide for them.  This requires a completely different idea of how to be a good citizen.  A completely different culture is required to train people how to be a good citizen of  E V E.

The horizontal social organization of Partnership Culture, where men and women are equal is the answer.  This means that men and women must see themselves and each other as equally competent and independent, each seeking his or her happiness as he or she understands that, accepting the responsibility for doing so, and not relying on the other to be responsible for his or her happiness.

The stories of Dominator Culture fly in the face of these necessary attitudes for successful life in the global knowledge civilization, which is why Western and Eastern Civilization are at an end with the end of the 5,000 year reign of human progress by mass human labor controlled by the few elite.  We are entering an Age of Individualism, made necessary by the machines and the powerful opportunities of the global knowledge market economy.

Western Civilization has a Greek period followed by a Roman period, followed by a European period, followed by an American period.  Western civilization is now exhausted and is dying of the same disease which destroyed Greece and Rome – bankruptcy brought on by popular greed and irresponsibility.

Plato predicted it, and history has confirmed it over and over.  Western Civilization is in the process of succumbing to it.  Plato said that  a democracy is doomed once the people discover they can vote themselves money out of the public treasury.  They will keep at it until the nation is broke, and disintegrates into anarchy.  Then the people longing for order will support the first or second dictator that comes along, and the beautiful democracy will be thrown away by the people who got too greedy for a free lunch, refused to see the practical consequences of the marketplace, and the marketplace always wins.

In recent elections in three Western democracies the people had a chance to reign in the public spending, and put their fiscal house in order, and begin to rescue themselves from certain national bankruptcy and eventual dictatorship.  They all three committed national suicide, voting to continue the spending and the policies that got them there with the promise of a free lunch paid for by the rich, in the face of the very public fact that the rich with all their money could not continue to pay for the massive spending.  Plato was right.  This is the end of Western Civilization, killed by its own greed in the traditional human manner.

The same is true for the end of Eastern Civilization, which has been characterized by the vertical social organization of empire.  In China and India strong top down social organization has ordered these eastern Civilizations.  Each one in its own way is struggling toward democracy and market economics, but still within historical vertical social organization.  As with the generals who prepare to fight the next war with the tools of the last war, and are overwhelmed and defeated by the changes of the future, Middle East Muslim civilizations are struggling to reimpose stricter vertical social organization ( a new Caliphate) and the rules of Dominator Culture, at a time when the rest of the world is moving toward the global knowledge civilization.  People organized for mass human labor cannot compete, or survive in a world based on mass creativity.

The global knowledge market economy is reaching to all corners of the world to cause its changes.  In the West creative people are inventing new machines to allow the  ordinary person to control his or her own destiny with his or her own creativity in the global marketplace.  These new machines are being produced in the East, by, for example, millions of laborers in China, India, South Korea, Japan and elsewhere in the East.

The whole world is growing more interdependent with the power of the global knowledge market economy.  It is literally taking over the economic world, and the cultural world will follow, which means the final decline of the old Dominator based civilizations in both the East and the West.  When will this change happen?

If we look to symbolic dates for change, we can mark the end of the “American Century” (lasting only 63 years) beginning in 1945 with victory in World War II, ending with the beginning of the Chinese century with the Olympics in Beijing in 2008.  However the “Chinese Century” will only last a few years before it is overtaken by the “Global Period”.

When will that change occur?  What is the symbolic date for the transition from the 5,000 year old Dominator civilizations, based on mass human labor controlled by the few elite, to the new Partnership civilization of E V E the Global Knowledge Civilization, based on mass individual creativity produced by machines controlled by the individual creators?

If E V E was born November 9, 1989, when the failed, government-managed East German economy was exposed and governments sought to change to market economies, then E V E will be fully in place, when the global market economy covers the Earth.  E V E will be fully in place by 2030, when it is predicted that all the world’s economies will be converted to successful market economies from failed government-managed economies.

What is happening in the forty year transition period, and when will the tipping point occur?  When will we be more in the new civilization than in the old?  These processes take a long time, and it is difficult to identify one location of watershed change.  However, we can estimate it and choose a symbolic point to mark the change from the old to the new.

The midpoint between 1990 and 2030 is 2010, which just past.  However there is a dramatic date and event near the midpoint, which may be seen as the tipping point between the end of the old regional civilizations based on the creativity of the few produced by mass human labor, and the beginning of the new global civilization based on mass individual human creativity produced by machines.

There is a date of which many people in the world are aware.  It is a date referenced by the ancient Mayan Calendar.  This calendar, carved in stone, has accurately predicted celestial events for thousands of years, such as the solstice each year, when the night is the longest.  The next day, the daylight begins to increase.  This celestial event has often marked the end of one year and the beginning of another year.  It marks an end and a beginning.

However, this year is different.  The ancient Mayan Calendar marks and ending on December 21, 2012, but no beginning after that.  The Calendar stops, its cycles exhausted.  Some interpret this to mean the end of the world, with nothing coming after.  The history of the Earth and the conservation of matter-energy suggest otherwise.  There probably will be something after.  What could be ending and what could be beginning on that date?

December 21, 2012 marks the tipping point between the decline of the old, regional  civilizations and the rise of the new global civilization.  Never before in human history has there been a civilization of billions of people, all the people around the earth, connected together by machines into one global marketplace and one global community.

The old civilizations have been in decline for many years.  Their decline was recently insured when the people of several Western governments voted to continue paying themselves out of the public treasury, even though the public treasury was broke.  They refused reforms, preferring the hope of continued public pay.  Greece, France, Portugal and the United States of America, all committed suicide, as predicted by Plato, 2,500 years ago. He said when the people of a democracy discover they can pay themselves out of the public treasury, they will keep doing it until the treasury is empty and the civilization collapses into anarchy.  Then the people will clamor for order and support the first dictator the comes along, or the second,   Democracy will always descend into dictatorship, and the people will do it to themselves, too greedy to realize what they are doing.

The Eastern economies are dependent on the Western economies.  If the Western economies go broke, there will be no one to buy the goods of the Eastern economies, and all economies will fail.

The tipping point that signals the end of the old is December 21, 2012, the solstice.  This is when the universe declares the end of the old on Earth with the last day of declining daylight, the darkest day of the year, and the date when the Mayan Calendar ends.


Then the question is whether a different civilization will take over the people and keep them organized successfully, or whether there will be no successor, and the people will descend into a new dark age with no social organization and great suffering and death.  There was a dark age of deep suffering after the fall of the early Greek civilization and after the fall of the Roman civilization.  The question now is will there be a new civilization to rescue humankind from the inevitable coming dark age in the rubble of the disintegrating Western and Eastern civilizations?  If so what will it be, and will people embrace it and help it grow in time to save them from the dark age?

The answer is “Yes”, if the people will support it and insist on making it grow.  It is up to the people, not the politicians, the militants nor the bankers.  These last will seek to preserve their power under the old system.  The people must demand to recognize and support the change.  This begins with the people’s awareness of the change and the new possibilities.  This is the role of symbolism.

On December 21, 2012, with the solstice, the sky declares that on Earth the old Western civilization and the old Eastern civilization end, and the new global civilization begins.  This is the tipping point between the end of the old and the beginning of the new.  This is the meaning of the end of the Mayan Calendar in todays world.

Now, with this new beginning, people can begin to ask, “What is E V E, the Global Knowledge Civilization now growing all around the Earth, the First Flower of the Universe, the Mother of all the other Flowers of the Universe, and what does it mean for me, my children and my grandchildren?”

There is an Internet site with answers to these questions.

Go to to learn the answers.

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