Two New Ways To Nurture Global Peace

Nurture Global Peace

Nomos Foundation has provided two new ways to nurture Global Peace, The Interdome Celebration at and the Jonathan Burch Radio Show on Nomos Radio Network.

The Interdome is a monthly celebration for people all over the world of every religion and way of life to celebrate our human unity with our rich diversity in harmony.  During the Celebration you can learn about the Story of the Flowers of the Universe, the new worldview that makes sense of all we know in science religion and history and our meaningful role in it today.  Also learn some of the Principles of Harmony for living successfully in such a world, including scripture from different religions and ways of life describing that Principle of Harmony.  Come and celebrate with us in the Interdome at

Listen to the weekly Jonathan Burch Radio show.  Dr. Burch is the Chair of the Board of Directors of Nomos Foundation which sponsors this blog.  He describes his mission to tell a story for organizing the global knowledge civilization growing all around the earth in this strange new world of life plus machines.  This new worldview is The Story of the Flowers of the Universe. He describes how the global culture is changing to support the new global knowledge market economy, which thrives on mass creativity, which requires men and women to be equal, and equally creative in the global marketplace.  He describes the Principles of Harmony derived from the common wisdom of the ancient scriptures and writings of eight different religions and ways of life.  These are alphabetically:









Naturalism includes humans from all ways of life that do not believe in the supernatural, such as atheists and secular humanists, who rely on reason, science and philosophy.  These Principles of Harmony form the global culture and are the Principles that people follow to make the Global Knowledge Civilization run smoothly so all people around the world may live in global peace, global prosperity and pursuit of individual happiness guided by intimate inner friendship with the Divine Harmony (a common name for the source of all beyond the universe) as the individual understands the Divine Harmony in his or her religion or way of life.  All religions and ways of life are respected as right for their faithful now to lead their faithful to fulfilled human life.  Someday one religion may take over from all the others, but that will require great changes in humans.  Until then humans can live in global peace with harmonious pluralism, mutual respect and genuine tolerance in our one global knowledge civilization.  The ancient religions and ways of life all show us how.  Listen to Dr. Burch explain it on the Jonathan Burch show on Nomos Radio Network, sponsored by Nomos Foundation.  To hear the Show, go to a search engine such as Google, Yahoo or Bing and search for Nomos Radio Network.  The Jonathan Burch Show will come up.  Click on any of the episodes to start the show on that topic.

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